And We’re Off!

5th Grade nap time! Waiting for art to begin immediately following an hour of running at the Jog-A-Thon.

We had a blast at our school’s

JOG-A-THON!  Thank you so much for the donations made so far.  We will continue to collect pledges through the end of the month so it’s not too late to donate or get your corporate matching dollars in (let me know if you need a form for this!).  We have some fun classroom incentives to inspire us to greatness and hopefully we will get the chance to enjoy them!

It was a pleasure meeting so many parents at Curriculum Night last week.  As promised, I have linked a copy the entire powerpoint presentation for your reference; you’ll find it in the classroom links tab.

High on the list of exciting classroom happenings:  Design-A-School!  Students just finished presenting their projects, having excitedly created schools to teach essential skills to a wide variety of students including Narwhal Ski and Snowboard, Area 51 Academy, and Leprechaunzer High.  Our schools teach gaming, hacking, living the exact opposite mission of St. John School and Grateful Dead Academy admits those who are not longer with us.  Talk about diversity in education, we have it all!

Read on for details about the rest of our classroom happenings.


Religion – We have begun our ministry of supporting the Ill and Homebound and are making cards to send to them to remind them that they are in our prayers.

Math –  We’re working on place value, multiplication, properties of multiplication (with special focus on the distributive property), and exponents.

Reading – THE BIG 4 is a set of skills we use constantly in fifth grade (and beyond!).  Students will practice predicting, questioning, making connections, and summarizing on a conscious level this week and learn to automatically apply these skills to reading throughout the year.  Students just began reading a short novel called Pedro’s Journal by Pam Conrad.  They will apply the Big 4 skills as they read.

Writing – Paragraph structure is key to expository writing and we continue working on and creating our own well crafted, perfectly organized paragraphs for the next two weeks.

Social Studies – Last week we began our Galleon unit.  We have been mind-mapping text about Medieval times, the Crusades, and Europe’s quest for goods from Asia.

Science – We will have our first STEM experience of the year where we explore the engineering design process in our new Makerspace!

The Best Part of Me

Last week we read a book of poetry called The Best Part of Me by Wendy Ewald.  In it, students wrote about themselves in poetic form and selected a pose to be photographed to accompany their masterpiece.  Inspired by our reading, we also wrote poems and they are now proudly on display in St. John’s second floor hallway.  Please stop by for a look at the wonderful poems and thoughtful photos.


JOG-A-THON – We are working hard to earn some special class incentives and support our school.  Please help your child collect pledges for this important fund-raiser.  The jogging itself happens next FRIDAY!

READING – Comprehension skills are our focus next week. Students will apply the strategies of Predicting, Questioning, Making Connections, and Summarizing to several short stories.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Once upon a time knights in shining armor, feudalism, the sad life of serfs, the quest for a direct route to the holy land, and a desire for trade with the far east somehow brought us all to a New World we came to call the Americas.  The story begins next week!

MATH – We’ve been exploring place value and how our Base 10 number system evolved (ask your child about how the Babylonians recorded numbers!).  This week we will learn about exponents, scientific notation and the properties of addition and multiplication.

WRITING – We will analyze paragraphs for effective organization (topic sentences, 3 supporting details, and a concluding sentence) and write our own using a graphic organizer.

RELIGION -We will be reading Genesis to reflect on God as architect, builder, geometer & craftsman and will look for examples of His grace in our lives.