Explorers and the EDP

Last week, students finished their European explorer research reports!  They represent our very first attempt at synthesizing information gleaned from multiple sources into one beautifully typed 5 paragraph essay, complete with fancy cover page, map, and bibliography.  I’m so proud of everyone’s hard work!

Grandparents and special friends day is on Thursday, 11/21.  We look forward to welcoming our guests!  If your child will not be hosting a guest, please let me know and I can make arrangements for them to join a friend at lunch. This is a dress uniform day.


Social Studies – Continuing our review of content, students will be taking practice quizzes to earn points in our simulation to race their ships back to race their ship back to Europe (or to capture a Galleon).  We will be taking our unit test on Friday, November 22nd.

Religion – Eucharist means Thanksgiving and we will talk about both the sacrament and gratitude for our many blessings as the holiday approaches.

Math –  Our current unit is on adding and subtracting decimals with a heavy emphasis on how decimal place values work.

Reading –  We will compare and contrast Native American and European perspectives of exploration as we wrap up our reading of Morning Girl.

Writing – We have begun exploring the elements of narrative writing.  Students have been analyzing picture books for the key parts of a story and will write their own narratives next week.

Science – The Engineering Design Process (EDP) has been our focus lately.  We spent time in the makerspace engineering boats that could hold the most “gold.”  Next up, we will apply the steps of the EDP to consider solutions to world problems.  There will be a quiz on the EDP at the end of the week.