O Come, O Come Emmanuel


Advent has begun and with it, we are thinking even more about ways to make our world a better place.  We have decked out the room with holiday cheer, will prepare our hearts by leading the school wide liturgy for the Immaculate Conception of Mary on Monday, 12/9.   St. John 5th graders and our 2nd grade buddies will be doing all the jobs…including bell ringing, greeting, the procession, doing the readings, bringing up the gifts and leading the school in song.  We would love for you to join us in prayer–mass starts at 9:00.  This year, our Advent Giving Project is to support the education of a 10 year old boy named Kigudde from Uganda through the Unbound program.  We will kick off our fundraising efforts this Advent and use the money we raise to help pay the $40 a month it costs to support our new friend.  The fundraising will continue after Advent as well as we will ask students to try to contribute a dollar a month to this important ministry.  We’ve already received a letter about Kigudde and are eager to write back and get to know him better. We are definitely paving the way for Jesus!


Religion – Advent and the Immaculate Conception

Math – We will apply our knowledge of adding and subtracting decimals as we design our own gingerbread dream houses and calculated the associated costs (the price of icing roofs has sky-rocketed these days:)).  .

Reading & Writing–  We are analyzing narrative structure in short fiction reading passages and creating our own stories using the elements of narrative writing.

Science- We will be reading about the Engineering Design Process to better understand how to effectively create our own STEM projects.