All That Matters…

We are wrapping up a  science unit on the properties of matter (SLE:  We are active learners who meet or exceed Archdiocesan and national standards).  The students are loved learning about the periodic table of elements and we have had interesting discussions about conservation of matter and atomic energy.  As part of our studies, we visited the makerspace and created “balloon cars” to demonstrate the presence of particles that cannot be seen.


READING- In addition to our Achieve articles, we will introduce Daily 5 into our reading program.  Students are asked to select a fiction book to read from beginning to end.  At this time I have asked students to focus on traditional chapter books rather than graphic novels.  In Daily 5, students will choose between 5 reading/writing activities all directed toward building comprehension.

READING/WRITING- We are researching and reading about peacemakers and Civil Rights activists.  Next week we will write an essay about some of the people who inspire us to be better peacemakers ourselves.

RELIGION – Students have begun memorizing St. Francis of Assisi’s Prayer for Peace.  Recitation day is Wednesday, January 15th.

MATH- Our current unit is on dividing decimals.  It’s a short unit but covers a very important skill!  We should be wrapping up our study of this topic at the end of the week.