Christmas Approaches!

We are feeling extra festive as Christmas break approaches! To celebrate, next week is chock-full of spirit days. Please take note of the following fun events:


Monday, 12/ 13 – Holiday Headwear Day: Wear fun and festive holiday hats, like antlers headbands, elf ears or Santa hats. (Uniforms are still required.)
Tuesday, 12/14 – Crazy Christmas Socks Days: Christmas cats eating pizza? Sloths wearing holiday headwear? Pom-poms? Sparkly tinsel? Are they on socks? Wear them proudly! (Uniforms are still required.)
Wednesday, 12/15 – Winter Sports Fan Day: Calling all fans of winter sports – hockey, skiing, ice skating, speed skating, snowboarding, ice stocking, luge, skeleton, bobsled, curling, ice fishing, Nordic combined and more – dress up in your favorite winter sports gear or our school colors of purple and gold–break out your St. John jerseys!
Thursday, 12/16 – Festive Holiday Clothing: Go all out! Dress and decorate yourself in Christmas Cheer!
Friday, 12/17 – Cozy Day: It’s getting cold! Wear something “Christmas-y” and cozy!

REMINDER: School dismisses at noon on Friday, 12/17.


READING- Students began reading Pedro’s Journal this week. It is written from the perspective of a boy on the Santa Maria, the ship Christopher Columbus sailed on in 1492. It really ties in well with our Galleon unit for social studies and prepares students for the next novel we will read, which is from the Native American perspective.

MATH- We will spend the week applying the math concepts we have learned thus far as we complete a holiday math project.

RELIGION- Students learned about the Immaculate Conception this week and went to Mass on Wednesday. They also made their own Nativity scenes. We will talk about Reconciliation next week as the students will attend a service Wednesday.

WRITING- Students will continue working on their narratives. This week we will revise, edit and publish our work.

SCIENCE- We will learn about chemical and physical changes of matter…and create an art project demonstrating both!

SOCIAL STUDIES- Ships are on the move! Students did an excellent job on their first log entries and completed their second one this week. They will work on their third log entry next week.