Distance Learning: Monday, March 23

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and is feeling healthy and ready to learn.  Before we get started, here’s a screenshot of one of my favorite moments from last week…show and tell with dogs!  This week we’ll have to share cats and other pets:)

Let’s begin our week with a special edition of St. John’s ENN! https://youtu.be/b8ROnhUMJaw

READING: Achieve Article: Mickey Mouse, Meet Hulu.  Do the usual 5 steps and the Stretch Article and Stretch Activity as well.(45 minutes)

MATH: Dividing Fractions

WRITING:  Today you will revise and edit your Personal Narrative.  Head on over to Google Classroom and you will notice a new document in the Personal Narrative section, it is a checklist for revising and editing. Re-read your narrative then use the checklist to make improvements to your ideas (AKA revisions), and double check all spelling and punctuation (AKA edits).  When you are finished, click TURN IN at the top of the page.  I will grade your assignment using the checklist.

SPELLING CITY: This week’s list is called Week of March 23.  We’ll be working on more vocabulary from Maniac Magee.  Today’s spelling assignment is to log-in to http://www.spellingcity.com and find your words.  Then copy each of the words 2 times in cursive (of courseJ) in the reading section of your spiral notebook.  (20 minutes)

SOCIAL STUDIES:  This week we are going to finish the BRAVE NEW WORLD CULTURE PROJECT.  Every day, spend 30 minutes or so making high quality, final copy paragraphs and illustrations/images/visuals.  Re-read the original project description to make sure you have all the parts.  It should be either typed or very neatly written.  Please be sure to edit for grammar and spelling.

If you have extra time and would like to go above and beyond, consider making a commercial advertising your culture, a museum of artifacts from your culture, a fashion show with inhabitants of your culture, or any other creative ideas you can think of!

Projects are due on Friday, March 27th.

RELIGION:    This week we will be working in the Spirit of Truth religion book and will be focusing on the Sacrament of Baptism.  Today, read pages 72-73.  Then, answer the questions on page 73.  Write your answers in the religion section of your spiral.  Show your answers to a parent when you have finished so they can check that your work is complete.

SPANISH: Visit Senora Blanca’s teacher page and do the assignment for Monday, March 23  https://spanish.st-johnschool.org/5th-grade-classes/

PE:  Visit Ms. Tsagalakis’s site for some great ideas to keep moving:  https://pe.st-johnschool.org/

MUSIC: Have you been checking in to Ms. Jones’ teacher page?  If not, click here and do the assignments posted. https://musicbecky.st-johnschool.org/5th-grade-distance-learning-assignments-march-18th-19th-2020/

Reminder…you can email me with questions or if you’d like to Facetime, email me the number you’d like me to call and we can chat!