Distance Learning: Thursday, March 26

READING: Maniac Magee (1 hour)

Read Chapters 14-21 and do the Reader Response Questions: Chapter 14-21on pages 19 and 20 of your packet.  Also, go to the Maniac Magee Word Work #1 and fill in the middle column (Word in Sentence) for the words on page 7.  Note:  Use a dictionary if you don’t know the words…some are slang and some have alternate spellings but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them in an online dictionary.

MATH:  Review Chapter 8 Practice Test (45 minutes)

Here are the answers to the Chapter 8 Practice Test: ANSWERS  At your Zoom meeting we will go over any questions you have and I will show you how you will be taking your test online!  Be sure to have your practice test finished and ready to discuss!

To join our ZOOM meeting, click on the link for the session you signed up for:

For some final practice visit IXL (we’re not logging in, just doing some math problems)  – https://www.ixl.com/math/grade-5/divide-fractions-by-whole-numbers-in-recipes

WRITING: Describe a room in your house (30 minutes)

Go to Google Classroom and click on the assignment called Describe a Room…directions await you in the March 16-27 section.

SPELLING CITY: (20 minutes)

Work on the assignments I posted for the Week of March 23

SOCIAL STUDIES: (30 minutes) Pick up where you left off on the Brave New World project. Remember, we are now doing all the categories.

DUE DATE UPDATE- Friday, April 3rd

Every day this week, spend 30 minutes or so making high quality, final copy paragraphs and illustrations/images/visuals.  Re-read the original project description to make sure you have all the parts.  It should be either typed or very neatly written.  Please be sure to edit for grammar and spelling.

If you have extra time and would like to go above and beyond, consider making a commercial advertising your culture, a museum of artifacts from your culture, a fashion show with inhabitants of your culture, or any other creative ideas you can think of!

PE:  Visit Ms. Tsagalakis’s site for some great ideas to keep moving:  https://pe.st-johnschool.org/

MUSIC:  Click on the link here for today’s assignment in music. https://musicbecky.st-johnschool.org/5th-grade-distance-learning-assignments-march-18th-19th-2020/

Reminder…you can email me with questions or if you’d like to Facetime, email me the number you’d like me to call and we can chat!