Distance Learning: Tuesday, March 24

READING: (1 hour) Maniac Magee! Read Chapters 8-13 and do the Reader Response Questions: Chapter 8-13 on pages 17 and 18 of your packet.  Also, go to the Maniac Magee Character Analysis #1 page and write a Description and Evidence from Text for 3 more characters.

MATH: (45 minutes)

  • Click here to check yesterday’s homework: Answers to pages 514-516
  • Today’s assignment asks you to both draw and use Keep, Change, Flip to solve word problems. Watch my mini lesson video to start the lesson: VIDEO
  • Then complete pages 517-520

SPELLING CITY: (15 minutes) Start on the assignments I posted.  On Friday, I will check that these have been completed and log the work in to Powerschool, along with your vocab and spelling scores.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Brave New World (45 minutes)

DUE DATE UPDATE: The project due date is extended to Friday, April 3rd

Every day this week, spend 30 minutes or so making high quality, final copy paragraphs and illustrations/images/visuals.  Re-read the original project description to make sure you have all the parts.  It should be either typed or very neatly written.  Please be sure to edit for grammar and spelling.

The final project can be typed on the computer or it can be hand-written.  You might be doing a page for each topic or maybe you wrote your descriptions all in one place and your images all in a different place.  You can be creative with how you organize your work.  Just make sure you have all the information described on the assignment sheet.

If you have extra time and would like to go above and beyond, consider making a commercial advertising your culture, a museum of artifacts from your culture, a fashion show with inhabitants of your culture, or any other creative ideas you can think of!

RELIGION:    (20 minutes). In your Spirit of Truth religion book,  do page 74 in your spiral.  You might need to re-read pages 72-73 to answer the questions.  Show your answers to a parent when you have finished so they can check that your work is complete.  Good news!  If you don’t have your Spirit of Truth book, I put a link to an ebook in the sidebar under Class Links and Info.

SPANISH:  (20 minutes) Visit Senora Blanca’s teacher page and do the assignment for Tuesday, March 24th.  https://spanish.st-johnschool.org/5th-grade-classes/

PE:  Visit Ms. Tsagalakis’s site for some great ideas to keep moving:  https://pe.st-johnschool.org/

MUSIC: Have you been checking in to Ms. Jones’ teacher page?  If not, click here and do the assignments posted. https://musicbecky.st-johnschool.org/5th-grade-distance-learning-assignments-march-18th-19th-2020/ 

Reminder…you can email me with questions or if you’d like to Facetime, email me the number you’d like me to call and we can chat!