Distance Learning: Wednesday, March 25

READING: Achieve 3000: Defying Gravity (1 hour)

Do you know her?

Let’s start with a little video to show you why she’s pretty amazing:  Check this out!

Wouldn’t it be cool to flip like that??? Today’s article is about Simone Biles!  Complete the usual 5 steps as well as the stretch article and the stretch activity today.  The Thought Question asks: Who is Simone Biles and why has she been called the greatest gymnast ever? Include facts and details from the Article in your answer. Write this in paragraph format with a topic sentence, 3 supporting details and a closing sentence.

MATH: (45 minutes)

Take a math practice test: Chapter 8 practice test .  You can either print it or do your work on a separate sheet.  When we have our zoom meeting on Thursday, I’ll have you show me your work and we will go over the answers.

Our chapter 8 test is scheduled for this Friday.  We’ll take the test online using a google classroom form and I’ll show how to do it at Thursday’s zoom meeting.  If you haven’t yet signed up for a slot, be sure to do so today!

SOCIAL STUDIES:Brave New World (1 hour)

DUE DATE UPDATE -I have extended the project due date to Friday, April 3rd

Every day this week, spend 30 minutes or so making high quality, final copy paragraphs and illustrations/images/visuals.  Re-read the original project description to make sure you have all the parts.  It should be either typed or very neatly written.  Please be sure to edit for grammar and spelling.

If you have extra time and would like to go above and beyond, consider making a commercial advertising your culture, a museum of artifacts from your culture, a fashion show with inhabitants of your culture, or any other creative ideas you can think of!

SPELLING CITY:  (15 minutes) Keep working on the assignments I posted.  On Friday, I will check that these have been completed and log the work in to Powerschool, along with your vocab and spelling scores.

RELIGION:  (30 minutes). In your Spirit of Truth religion book, do pages 76-77. Show your answers to a parent when you have finished so they can check that your work is complete.  Remember!  If you don’t have your Spirit of Truth book, I put a link to an ebook in the sidebar under Class Links and Info.

MUSIC:  Click on the link here for today’s assignment in music. https://musicbecky.st-johnschool.org/5th-grade-distance-learning-assignments-march-18th-19th-2020/

PE:  Visit Ms. Tsagalakis’s site for some great ideas to keep moving:  https://pe.st-johnschool.org/

Reminder…you can email me with questions or if you’d like to Facetime, email me the number you’d like me to call and we can chat!