Fall Fun

We are officially finished with MAP testing!  Now we can really settle down into a regular routine and enjoy the fall.  Please note that our first school-wide liturgy is this coming Wednesday, October 16th and students will need to be in dress uniform for the occasion.


Social Studies – We continue our journey across the dark sea toward gold and glory!  This week students will begin researching one European explorer who they will then write a report about.  The report will largely be completed in class but check planners for any work that needs to be completed at home.

Religion – This week we will focus the parts of the mass and how to respond appropriately during the liturgy. We are also learning about Dia de los Muertos for our upcoming celebration (October 31st).  Students are asked to learn about a family member or family friend who passed away so that they can be honored on our altar that day.

Math –  Students will take heir chapter 1 math test on Tuesday.  When they get them back, I will ask them to do test corrections which can be submitted for extra points and an adjusted grade.  Once they have their final score, I will ask for parents to sign the test to ensure you have seen their work.  Then we move on to our next unit on Division.

Reading –  We are wrapping up Pedro’s Journal by Pam Conrad, a realistic fiction novel told from the point of view of a young Spanish boy sailing with Christopher Columbus.  Next week students will begin reading Morning Girl by Michael Dorris.  This book tells the same story from the perspective of a Native American girl.  We’ll be able to compare and contrast both perspectives when we finish the books.

Writing – .This week students are writing log entries to show their understanding of the risks and dangers facing European explorers.  To get started, we listened to “sounds of a creaky ship” (courtesy of youtube!) and really tried to imagine life on board a Galleon.  Entries are due on Tuesday and will be used to earn points for their next Galleon move.

Science – We loved our time in the makerspace last week where we made devices that showed movement out of cardboard.  We will continue the cardboard challenge in our DAY OF PLAY this Wednesday where we present the games we have been working on to our buddies!