March Madness

The three pillars of Lent remind us of ways to better connect with God, our communities, our families and ourselves.  By praying, fasting and giving, we become mindful participants of God’s creation and in class we have been exploring ways to add all three actions to our daily lives.

In the past couple of weeks, the Corona virus (Covid-19), has been on everyone’s mind.  In our morning prayers, students always add special intentions for those who are sick and those who have passed away from the virus.  I’m sure you have had numerous conversations about Covid-19 at home already!  Just in case you would like a resource to use with your child, here is a kid friendly comic exploring true information about the virus from NPR.


  • Friday, March 6 – 5th grade leads the Stations of the Cross @2:30 in the church. Please join us if you can.
  • Friday, March 13 – No school for teacher in service
  • Thursday, March 26 – K-5 FAMILY STEM NIGHT from 5:30-7pm


READING- We are continuing to focus on non-fiction reading skills with our Achieve articles.  In addition we are wrapping up our novel, The Watson’s Go To Birmingham-1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis.  Through it, we explored themes of equality and Civil Rights.

WRITING- Our current focus is on descriptive writing.  Students have drawn their own “monster” and are about to begin writing a story about him/her/it. Each story will include a detailed description of the creature and will include figurative language and descriptive adjectives that tell us about his/her/its adventures.

SCIENCE – We have begun unit on nutrition (SLE:  We are active learners who meet or exceed Archdiocesan and national standards).  A big highlight so far was learning to use balance scales to measure various foods in grams to test for fat.  We got to borrow the fancy scales from Mr. Tice’s middle school science lab for the task!  We will continue to investigate nutritional values of the food through scientific investigation, recording our results by using the steps of the scientific method.

RELIGION – We are taking notes on the stations of the cross and reflecting on ways to add prayer, increase giving, and experience sacrifice through fasting this Lent.  A big conversation in class centered around the concept of fasting–we all have habits lead us away from or distract us from God and how fasting from those might be a good idea!  The fifth graders will be leading the stations of the cross on Friday, March 6th at 2:30.  Please join us if you can!